Thomastik Viola Dominant Pro Set

Thomastik Viola Dominant Pro Set

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Thanks to their vast dynamic range, Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Pro® strings are suitable for orchestral musicians as well as soloists and solo violists.

They can handle the entire range of dynamics, from piano (p) to fortississimo (fff). They perform well with high bow pressure.

  • Dominant Pro® can also assert itself optimally in large orchestras or in a quartet if required, but is also easy to play in piano (p).

  • Dominant Pro® is the name of the fastest and most direct response in the entire universe (and every parallel universe!)

  • Dominant Pro® has a dark and warm sound that embraces the player and the audience. The superimposed slight sharpness brings a tingling contrast to the sound image.

  • Along with the wide range of tonal colors, Dominant Pro® creates a smooth transition that ideally combines the specific timbres of the individual strings.

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