AcoustaGrip Concert Performer Violin & Viola Shoulder Rest P102
AcoustaGrip Concert Performer Violin & Viola Shoulder Rest P102

AcoustaGrip Concert Performer Violin & Viola Shoulder Rest P102

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AcoustaGrip Adult Size Shoulder Rests share the following features:

  • The AcoustaGrip has no clamps that mute the violin’s sound.
  • The AcoustaGrip increases the volume of sound and adds better quality with more overtones.
  • The AcoustaGrip is very comfortable, ergonomically designed and stays attached with air.
  • The AcoustaGrip gives a secure hold for the violinist or violist and attaches repeatedly on & off.
  • The AcoustaGrip sticks without glue or clamps with no damage to the varnish, edges or back of your violin or viola.
  • The AcoustaGrip fits easily inside the instrument case, resting over the bridge to keep your instrument securely in place.
  • All 3 Adult Size AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rests (Concert Performer, Solo Artist & Concert Performer Thick) fit full 4/4, ¾ and most ½ size violins and violas.
  • The AcoustaGrip protects your chin, neck and collarbone from sores and marks and alleviates the shoulder pain and restrictive movement of rigid, vice-gripping traditional shoulder rests.

The AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest offers a unique solution to a problem that nearly every violinist has faced. With AcoustaGrip, you can have the secure grip of a traditional shoulder rest without resigning yourself to the constant discomfort and restricted movement. Long practice sessions can be the joy that they were meant to be. You can focus all of your attention on honing your technique and playing more expressively without being distracted by the constant physical pain that all too often accompanies playing with a traditional shoulder rest.

Traditional clamping shoulder rests have other downsides as well.  Clamping shoulder rests mute the sound of the instrument by restricting the natural vibrations of the wood.  AcoustaGrip is built to allow these natural vibrations to flourish, utilizing a flexible acoustical material instead of rigid aluminum.  While clamping shoulder rests are muting your sound, they can also cause visible damage to the edges of your violin or viola.

After rigorous testing, AcoustaGrip shoulder rests were used on extremely fine instruments (the 1697 ‘Napoleon’ Stradivarius and the 1778 ‘DeLay’ Guadagnini) for extended periods of time.  Both instruments were acclaimed for their pristine condition and set world record sales prices for their respective makers when they were sold at auction. Here at AcoustaGrip we are proud to offer a line of products that is helping violinists everywhere to enjoy the comfort and freedom of movement that allows you to play your best. We have enjoyed an enthusiastic response from violinists and violists all over the world. Some of our customers had been searching for the right shoulder rest for many years until they found AcoustaGrip.